Free Tendfor attendant console & contact center for Teams during COVID-19

Monday, 23rd of March 2020

For organizations needing switchboard attendants and contact center agents to be able to work from their homes, Tendfor is now offering 2 months free production use of our Teams platform.

Paired with Microsoft’s offers of free Teams during this pandemic (link below), it can hopefully give some organizations stricken by the effects of the Corona outbreak an avenue to keeping the doors to vital customer service functions open, without additional strain on finances.

Microsoft Teams is helping organizations all over the world cope under the extreme circumstances imposed by the prescribed measures of social distancing.

Tendfor lives completely in the Microsoft cloud and is the world's first support system for "native" Teams telephony based on Microsoft's recently released Teams APIs. 

Please note that Microsoft Phone System and Direct Routing or Calling Plans will be required, which may incur costs for organizations that does not already have E5 licenses and Office 365 call routing of some kind enabled.

There are limits to how fast we can scale the rollout, but we will deploy as many free systems as we can handle.

We hope this can help some organizations keep staff on and the business going during these exceptional times.